Earn Money by Installing an Android App!

Am I the only one who knew about this just now?

or you already know this thing? Dang! I’m always the last to know.


Anyway, here it is.

Remember to use your browser to look for this.

1. Using your mobile browser go to http://featu.re/XBMG8M

2. Then install Feature points App

4. Now you have the possibility to write the code of the person who referred you to the app, if you will do it you will earn 50 bonus points (that worth money), you can only put the code once after installation, so if you don’t know any code then just put mine. XBMG8M

5. Accept the terms

6. There will be a list of apps to install and play for 1 minute, then you get the points that can be converted to 5-10$, gift cards ETC.

You can uninstall after 1minute of playing with it or finishing registration. Its Risk free, What else is there to think about?








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