Rejected by EzineArticles: Contains Poor Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation ETC. Anyone Help?lol

Month 3: Who Do You Like More? Ironman or Superman? And Why Everyone Else Chose Ironman.


I submitted an article to EzineArticles. Unfortunately, it did not went through. Apparently, I have poor grammar and I don’t know how to use spacing, punctuation and spelling. Well, I know all of that from the very beginning but still it is worth a try, right? So here it is. Anybody who wants to help me, you are free to suggest.

Innate super abilities or hard earned power? Strength or wisdom? Can Superman beat Ironman in a duel? Maybe. But one thing I know for sure, nobody wants to be a Clark Kent. In the internet marketing world, we all want to be just like Tony.

Superman, ordinary looking person with innate capabilities of a super hero. He can fly, he is bulletproof, he has X-ray and laser vision. Everything that he has, he is born with it. He did not ask for it, nor worked hard for it. His superhuman abilities are so great that there is nothing more to improve. He has all the greatness there is.

While Ironman is a real person. He had a severe chest injury. He gets hurt, a lot. All he has is his armor and his intelligence. Nothing more. He works hard in all the things he do. He aims for greatness and for improvement. He cannot fly on his own. He doesn’t even have an X-ray vision. Without his armor, he is fragile.

So what makes him so great? Well, lets analyze this. In the Internet marketing world, you can say that Superman, with all his innate capabilities, is in the corporate world. He is still an employee. Even though how great his capabilities are, he still remained as Clark Kent. Whereas Tony Stark is Tony Stark. A self-made billionaire playboy philanthropist. Whom with all his disabilities and humanness still became a superhero and has equal capabilities as Superman.

Tony Stark had a vision. He had dreams. He had hope and worked hard for it. He built an empire around it. For that I salute him

There is an Ironman in all of us. Everybody has this shield to protect us from all the trials and disappointments internet marketing world has to offer. We put on our armor if we don’t make a sale and if nobody visits our website or reads our post. Do you know why? Because in reality, it hurts a lot! Putting all your time and effort in writing, researching and responding to comments, or even just signing up in newsletters so that you can get that freebie that will turn out to be useless or another thing to read some other time is really depressing.

Right now, I think of myself as Tony Stark just starting out. But someday, in the near future, I will have a Stark Industries of my own. I will be a billionaire playboy philanthropist as well. In the mean time, I’ll just polish my armor and upgrade my weapons. I will never settle being just a Clark Kent. I know you won’t also.
So put on your armor and let’s get it on!


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