Month 3: My First Purchase on The Internet

You can’t get anywhere without purchasing anything right?

So where  did I spend my first investment as an Internet Marketer?

Here are my picks.  Soon I’ll be spending more. I hope It’s a good investment for my quest.

Comments and suggestions on my purchase will be highly appreciated.

Note: I’m really on a tight budget here since I don’t have work and all.

1. The Charge

the charge

Actually It’s a free book, so I only paid for S/A  around $6.

2. Google Play Developer Account

google play

Because I want to make mobile applications and apple is a little bit steep. = $25

3. Appsmoment Membership


Because I’ve tried other platforms and they are either expensive or not professional looking  IMO.

4. VideoScribe


I can’t describe the happiness I feel when I make videos using this.

It’s really worth every penny. =  $5.99 on Ipad

5. Screencast-O-matic

screen cast

For just $15 , I can do screen capture and screen recording, It has a free version but I opted to buy the PRO version to experience the whole thing.

6. WSO something


I purchased a PDF here about something for $ 17,

since I already forgot what’s its about maybe I paid too much??

Anyway, I hope my next purchase will be from an Internet Hosting provider for my DOT COM. I don’t know what’s holding me back.

I am planning to get my hosting on iPage, I think I will only pay $99 for 3 years if I am not mistaken. It is the lowest around the internet right? feel free to tell me what is right or wrong because I’m just starting out.

I’m still deciding on what my niche will be, until then I’ll just keep my free website.

Total of $ 112.




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