Month 2: Progress. but still im not earning a dime



I haven’t posted for a very long time because I needed to focus .

A break from the internet gave me a chance to be more productive in a lot of areas. First, I focused on my upcoming book and wrote a few pages, now I have like 4,500 words and I am really proud of it. Every day, I wake up at around 7am to drink coffee and prepare myself to write something, just anything for my book. If I ran out of an idea that’s the only time I will open the laptop and get some inspiration from other people. I would limit myself to one tab and refrain from opening any social websites or email because I know If I do that, I will not stop looking at other people’s business and that would be the end of my day.

One more thing I accomplished these past few days is I learned how to create an app using appmoments. Early February I am already trying out different sites for this project but I really appreciate this one because I think the others cost a lot more and they are giving away a free trial, you can make one app and submit to appstore/playstore hassle free, really I’ve done it. You just have to pay 25$ to google playstore for your developer account and that’s it. I have no clue on coding whatsoever, as you can see my website is still a mess but I managed to publish one app. It is a big deal for me and I am taking small steps at a time. Right now my website is still not earning, (yeah I know I haven’t got my dot com yet), and my app is not earning (it is only available in the Philippines btw) but I am feeling a sense of fulfillment, I am really happy I’m still doing this after 2 months because I thought I would have  given up by this time. I think I’m still on the right path and I hope some of you will not give up as well.



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