Week 4: Excuses for me to QUIT right now

Yes, you heard me right. The internet has  many wonderful articles for motivation,mindset,inspiration,success stories I can read and aspire on achieving. But this is reality, we have our UPS and Downs. This week is my down phase,the excitement to get up early is gone, The charge that I felt before is no longer there, why? here are my excuses. <— yep excuses.


1. I’m depressed (no don’t use that blanket word). ok, IM JUST OVERWHELMED.

There you go. Part of my everyday routine is to read some articles and one of the things I learned, is to speak the truth of what is really happening inside (thanks Kristen). I am overwhelmed this past few days because I did not focus on my work.As a result, I did not accomplish anything. I was checking out websites and forums here and there, looking at other people’s agenda.  I needed myself to look for articles about my niche, I was preparing to write a book, and as the day is about to finish,my mind was cluttered with unnecessary information.  Not useless but unnecessary for that day. I found myself looking at plug-ins and How to’s. I was looking for things to buy, like some guide or training but then again when I was already convinced, I will find an article that the product is not good, so there is another 2 hours wasted. My inbox is full of subscriptions sometimes I don’t even remember where did that message came from. Searching around without focus will just lead you to another day wasted. I know, I should have created a to do list, and stick to that list even If it means I will probably get a fever or something. Focusing is hard, but with the right motivation,it is easy. I can do it, I know. I must. ( I like to talk to myself, a lot)

2. I’m always tired.

Television, especially those number one ranking series, makes me want to sit in front of the TV all day looong. It is taking too much of my energy, brain capacity space and sucking out all the creativity in me. Even if I am about to sleep, where the ideas should be jumping along with the sheep, well guess what, the sheep are smoking meth because of this crazy thoughts running around my head. I am living in that fictional world. I cant be productive in reality because of that.It is consuming my working days, anyway I’m on season 5. lol


3. I am so Disappointed.

As I have mentioned earlier, I was about to purchase something because I was so convinced at the sales pitch but then I saw a review about that product, they are saying it has so many up sells that it will probably make your pocket burn. I thought I found a trust worthy guru or guidance in the internet marketing world.So now I’m back to learning on my own. Also there are too many MLM s out there, I found some people too spammy about it that it turns me off big time.anyways, business is business.

But the great news is, I don’t easily give up. I still go for free videos, free reviews anything that would be of value for my learning, I would definitely grab it. Anybody wants to help out a newbie? you are so much welcome to message me. Till next time.



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