Week 3: Thought Leaders, Gurus and Blueprints


I finished reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad so I said to myself what’s next?  I remembered in the story that Robert Kiyosaki studied sales by experiencing it first hand,selling products and according to him we are all sales people, we sell our expertise, our ideas, our talent and our time. Everyday we are using it either by negotiating, arguing or just influencing others. Therefore I should study sales. Google time again since I am still in the “Freebie Phase” in my learning life. I came across some youtube videos on How to close a sale, telephone sales, psychology of why people buy and why they don’t buy and others. So one video led to another, and that’s where I saw Zig Ziglar, then Brian Tracy, then Brendon Burchard. Oh how I love those people. You can see on Brendon Burchard’s face how charged He is, excited in everything he says or teach. I also want to have that light in my eyes, I also want to feel that energy, that positive thing he has. I need to get his books.Unfortunately, It is not available on my local bookstore. I watched all of the videos I can get about him and saw this totalproductblueprint he has, I like it sooo much. but i cannot afford it, I still have to work on my earning skills so that I can afford some of the things that may be able to help me, on the other hand I can just focus in my niche,my skills and my what to learn list. Shortening my learning curve is good, this books and guides can help me in a big way but learning the hard way, the longer way is not that bad as well. I think, I will value what skills I develop more, by putting more time into it, studying one by one, first hand. I just hope I will learn faster before that “hope” runs out.  MINDSET! lol giving up is not an option. remember… MINDSET!


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