Week 2: Videos after videos, Book after books



That’s what I am doing. I’m not unproductive anymore, but guess what, I am still not earning!! So I have to take a step. I think I am now ready, so here I go. As afraid as I am before, I am a little bit knowledgeable now, I don’t think of “risks” because I already learned of the word “inflation”. So here goes my new and very first investment. ALFM growth fund. Yay!!! Well is that enough for me to retire or put my kid to college? I guess not. So aside from this, I started my COL account and invested on 2 companies. Will that suffice my thirst? NO. I have to work on building my investments and make it grow. I still don’t prove anything by earning few bucks but the point is. I have begun. I am here . I started already. I hope you do too. But my goal is not yet finish, money is still not growing in trees for me..not yet.


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