Week 2: Be Curious, Feel the Charge and Do Something!


And so reading a book is my new found passion. I have this pending list of what will I get in the bookstore. I still watch youtube for new leads on how to get rich. Every morning, I watch ANC on the money, before I always wake up at around 9-10am because I have nothing to do, but now there is this drive, an itch to do something productive and learn new things. I saw in one episode that there is this one person who makes money by blogging. (oh really? I didn’t know that) so why am I not earning a dime? So I found out that you have to add this ad sense thing, unfortunately my blog was written in Filipino! (slap in the forehead) and it must appear in the first pages of google! I see, that’s how I found J3, Carlo and all other people, so that’s how they are earning money… by blogging! (I’m sorry how slow my brain work sometimes) and I also found out that creating traffic for your site is not easy, It’s not even searchable in google, believe me I tried searching my own blog. So I decided that this will just be my diary until I have the courage and time to make traffic. So as you are reading this, I’m now in that process. Lol



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