WEEK 1 (FEBRUARY 7, 2014) Allelujiah!!


I am doing this in real time. Remember, this is not a success story, not yet. You will know when I start earning and what method did I use. I am hoping that this experience will be beneficial and fruitful for everybody who will be with me. I don’t even know how long will it take for me to do this, and when will I give up. ( well I hope not! not too soon at least.) So far, I learned about “mind set” and simple stock market stuff, but still not enough for me to do any action. I know now that some people who invest uses COL Financial, and truly rich club as guidance.  But still I am not yet ready. As I googled my way to financial literacy, I came across one website again, another blogger and advocate. He is Carlo Mercado of pinoystockmarket.com, he is the one who introduced me to Bo Sanchez, (well not personally) because of the free audio recordings he sent me in my email. When I first listened to the teachings of this wonderful person, beautiful voice by the way, I said wow, like a voice from heaven who will deliver me the knowledge I am seeking, AMEN!


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