Day 2 ( February 2, 2014) You tube my way to success!!

That’s my first plan. It is like my library. I know I can find everything there, reading books is the second option, but for an “in transition  lazy  person” like I am, watching videos is the way to go. So there he is saying, “hi, I’m J3 Patino” a skinny kid talking to me and lecturing me about wealth, money and things I never thought about before. Because of him I never looked at money the same way again. His website is and  I actually emailed him for this, I asked his permission if I can promote his site and he agreed. This person is dedicated to spread financial literacy and I salute him for that. He will send you FREE videos in your email every other day (I think). What a great value for a person seeking for guidance in the financial world. by the way j3, thanks a lot!


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