Back track: A little Something About Myself

I am a nursing graduate here in the Philippines. I worked 2 years locally and 3 years abroad. Life is hard. Life is harder and Living is the hardest thing to do in the world. I don’t know why this often comes in my mind. Is it because I have to work for every single penny that comes to my pocket? Or is it because I made it hard for myself? I did not pay attention closely to what I should do to make things easy, and this is my motivation, life will never be hard for me again. I will earn money while I sleep. If other people can do it, why can’t I?


The whole year of 2013 is unproductive for me, I did not have a job. I did not create or learn anything for one whole year. How can I afford to do that to myself? I did not even read a book! I don’t want that to happen to me again. Early January 2014 I started to think and reflect. I should be doing something, just anything. So I googled for online jobs, Data Entry or Medical Transcriptionist, I did not fit to any job can you imagine that! and I thought it would be easy. I also tried online surveys, none of it fit to me as well. As I googled my way to eternity, I ran across something like a multilevel marketing, you have to sell an e-library.  But the thing is, I am a shy person. I don’t know how to sell! I have this weird fear of rejection and said to myself, I cant do this.  ( I already failed because I didn’t even try) So I went googling again, hmmmm.. there it is.. online stock market, the one that jump started my senses into a full drive, shaking and ready to go.


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